There isn’t as much financial assistance available to students as we would like, but we can help you access what is there. At MUSA, we can discuss eligibility for StudyLink or Work and Income assistance, link you to the scholarship database and discuss options around employment.

Student Assistance Program

The MUSA Advocacy services also provide a Student Assistance Programme (SAP). This can be applied for temporary and unforeseen costs which cause you unusual or severe hardship. Designed for when other support agencies cannot assist and you think there is nowhere else to turn to, a one off grant of up to $500 can be applied for.

Contact your advocate to make an appointment to discuss your situation and the Student Assistance Program in more detail.

Manawatu internal students please contact Kerry Howe: (06) 356 9099 ext 86070. Application form for internal & Criteria form.

Distance students please contact Katheryn Margaret Pascoe:  or (06) 356 9009 ext 86180 Application form for distance.

Student Job Search

Student Job Search is a not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to helping tertiary students find work while they study. Thanks to your student association, Student Job Search is 100% FREE for you to use.

Our job is to match tertiary students looking for work with employers who are looking for talent. We can help you find work during the semester or over the summer holidays and advertise a range of different jobs to suit your study schedule and experience.

New to SJS? Register online now to start your job hunt!

Check out Student Job Search on Facebook for updates on job opportunities and competitions.

Money Saving Tips

  • Make sure you speak to your bank about all bank fees and accounts. As a student you may be eligible for fee free accounts or other discounts.
  • Walk rather than drive – reduce the costs of petrol and keep fit.
  • Don’t leave your laptop plugged in all the time as this can damage your battery life and wastes power when you don’t need it.
  • Unsubscribe to emails from your favourite stores to remove the temptation of impulse purchases.
  • Recycle, recycle, recycle. This is generaly a free service across NZ and saves space in your paid council rubbish bags saving you money.
  • Plan your weekly meals ahead of time. In doing so, you can reduce food wastage and know what is essential in that weekly shop.
  • Avoid shopping when hungry, otherwise your stomach will dictate what you buy! Mmmm chocolate…
  • Check your shopping list online at Countdown. Then go to Pak n Save and buy everything that’s cheaper, stopping at Countdown on way home for the items that were cheaper there.