Stefan Biberstein – standing for MUSA President 2019

Stefan Biberstein
Kia ora everyone, I’m Stefan Biberstein and I want to be your Musa president in 2019. I think id be a great fit for Musa president due to my experience in leadership and governance. I’m currently the chairperson of the Eastman Rover Crew, a Non-profit organisation for people aged 18-26 getting them involved in community service, social activities and self-development. During my time on the executive, Eastman Rover Crews membership has grown by over 300% while also hosting and participating in events all over the country.

As Musa president I want to end the question “what does Musa even do?” through an exciting program of on-campus events and a fortnightly Musa roundup, this would be an infographic or short video every two weeks letting you know what we’ve been up to including: Total volunteer hours, recent and upcoming events, total money given away in emergency grants to students. Basically, you deserve to know what Musa has done towards our mission of improving your student experience here at Massey.

Another thing I’m passionate about is introducing student voice into core and compulsory papers here at Massey. If we’re being forced to pay for papers that we cannot graduate without, they need to be some of the best papers on offer and currently that’s just not true. However, progress is being made as myself and some other students have met with our director of arts to address this issue within the BA core papers. As Musa President I’d like to pressure other colleges to do the same.

By voting for Stefan Biberstein you’re voting for an experienced candidate, Transparency at Musa and Student voice in compulsory papers here at Massey.

Michael Salmon – standing for MUSA President 2019

Michael Salmon
Kia ora! I’m Michael, one of your candidates for MUSA president 2019. I’m a third year BSc student in genetics and microbiology and I’m complimenting that with a minor in creative writing. When I’m not at Massey I’ll usually be working one of two part-time jobs, roaming the bush, or out with my partner and our dogs, Mellon and Harvey. While I’ve been at Massey I’ve made a point to be involved in student affairs; I’ve been a class representative for at least seven or eight papers, A Massey Guide for two years, and am one of the two students on the Sport and Recreation Board. I’ve also been speaking on behalf of BSc students regarding the College of Science restructure. My primary concerns around Massey are student mental health and well-being, and student financial security. In recent months I’ve been putting together programs to improve both but, if I am elected, I also hope to facilitate other students in finding and improving things they are passionate about. Our home is where we are, our place of origin is not relevant, only where we choose to go together. We’ve all chosen Massey, now let’s make it better.

Youbo Guo – standing for MUSA International Executive 2019

Youbo Guo
Hello everyone, my name is Youbo and I am running for the International Officer role. As an international student myself, I understand the hardships and obstacles we have to go through. I want to utilize my own knowledge and experiences to ease the transitioning process to university life in this new country and cultivating a friendly environment connecting students to the community. To do so, I would like to make sure all student’s voices and concerns are heard, reaching out to underrepresented communities, and dedicating to create a harmonious diversity on campus.

Gavin Mak – standing for MUSA International Executive 2019

Gavin Mak
Gidday, I’m Gav, an AgScience/ Equine student who’s keen to give different things a go. International students make up about 30% of all students in Massey, the brand new International officer role aims to help students make the most of their time here in this new environment, whether you’re binge-studying for your final, out exploring the great countryside, or completely new and trying to familiarize yourself with Massey, I am and will always be approachable and friendly to have a good yarn.
Do you know that the Maori name for Palmerston North, Papaioea, is believed to mean ‘How beautiful it is’? That’s right, beautiful Palmy has students from all corners around the globe, a brilliant place to meet amazing people and exchange culture, which is what I’ve always interested in and dreamed of.
I will work closely with IPGMs and various cultural clubs, ensuring international students’ education and welfare needs are being met and satisfied. Let us together create a fun, healthy, vibrant student environment. Cheers;)

Kyle Fitzgerald – standing for MUSA Executive 2019

Kyle Fitzgerald
Dia duit mo chairde, I’m Kyle and I’m a second year Bachelor of Science majoring in genetics and microbiology. I’m an avid comic book nerd and science fiction geek.

It was a privilege to represent you the students for 2018 and I would love to have the opportunity for a 2nd time. This year I have been involved with the launch and running of Thursdays in Black on the Manawatu campus. Also, I have been working in conjunction with the other executives to help make Massey a better experience for all the students.

If elected again as MUSA executive I would continue working to positively improve student life on campus. I believe I can use my knowledge and experience in the role to ensure that your time at Massey is a more fun safe and inclusive experience

Callum Goacher – standing for MUSA Executive 2019

Callum Goacher
Kia ora! I’m Callum, a third year BA student majoring in literature and politics. I have a passion for poetry, music, and debate. Radio Control was my initial hook into the world of MUSA, and as well as blasting some bangers out onto concourse, I often yarned about student issues. This lead me to the executive, where I could challenge myself to try and solve these issues.

2018 presented many opportunities for me to represent you as the Education Officer. As well as helping with the general governance of MUSA, attending regular committees, and helping run lots of fun events, I’ve also helped run the Class Rep trainings, and made a submission to the Education and Workforce Select Committee in Parliament about the need for greater student representation at Universities.

It has been a privilege to represent you in my first term on the executive. I’ve learnt so much about the issues we students face on a daily basis. My skill set to engage with these issues has improved immensely, and there is still room for me to do more. I have the passion to continue representing students in 2019, and keep fighting for a better student experience.

Alannah Hoskin – standing for MUSA Executive 2019

Alannah Hoskin
My name is Alannah and I’m currently in my final semester of my BA majoring in Education. Eventually I want to become an early childhood teacher because kids are awesome! I enjoy being out in nature, listening to music, hanging out with friends, and eating lots of junk food. I’ve been volunteering for MUSA for over a year now and also volunteered for Radio Control for a while, which helped me to build relationships with other students and staff. It also got me more excited about university as a whole and the importance of education!

I love young people in general, and I strive to help students reach their potential and have their best shot at a positive and fun university experience. I believe in everyone having a voice and having equal opportunities to go out into the world and do something great. I’m always down to have a chat and to help out in any way possible, whether I’m in an office, running an event, learning in class, or just making sure students are having a good time. I’m ready for a new challenge and an exciting year ahead!

Ngahuia Kirton – standing for MUSA Executive 2019

Ngahuia Kirton
I’m Nga, a vet student and your current Welfare executive. Some of you may also know me as Acting President of MUSA, and the student-elected member on the University Council. I am deeply passionate about making student life at Massey as great as it possibly can be, which is why I’ve spent the last year campaigning for better living conditions, better support services and lots of free food for students. During my time in the Welfare role I managed to deliver Flatting Packs to over 200 students and provided more than 700 students with de-stress activities and free food during Study Week.

I’m not finished yet though! This role has so much potential to better the lives of students, and I would be honoured to have the opportunity to continue to represent, advocate and support you all. In the coming year I will continue to fight for improved health and counselling services, better bus timetables, growing opportunities for personal development and of course, free food. If you’re struggling with anything during your time at Massey, please come up and see us. We’re here to give students a voice and will do anything we can to make things happen for you.