Being active in a club is a great way to meet new people and to feel more at home at university.

MUSA supports over 70 clubs on the Manawatu campus, from A (African Students Club, Animal Welfare, Art, Accounting, Alpine, Archery, Anime) to Y (Yoshinkan Aikido, Young Farmers, Young Greens), and whether you want to play boardgames, or floorball, or conserve wildlife, or communicate, there is a club for you!

How do you find a club to suit your needs? Well, there is

  • Clubs Day, always on the first Wednesday of a new semester, where most clubs will have a table and friendly members who will let you know what goes on in their club
  • the Clubs listings poster, a handy resource


  • the Clubs Directory, where we link to info from the clubs directly.

If you find that no club has what you want, the Clubs and Event Coordinator at MUSA will support you in getting one off the ground.