The MUSA Executive is elected each year by students to be the voice for the students at Massey Manawatu. They represent you on many university boards, organise Stress Less Study Week, the MUSA Ball and are always keen to hear what you say about being a student here on campus.

The MUSA Executive has their office in upstairs in the Student Services Building (above the MUSA Shop), in Room 2.20 and they are always up for a chat to find out what the issues are. To better work for you!



Benjamin Schmidt

Kia ora! I’m Ben and as MUSA President I’m here to your represent and empower your voice. I work alongside this awesome team to represent Massey students at every level, from your rights as a renter, to university decisions, working with government, and much much more. When I’m not fighting for students you can probably find me studying a BA (Social Anthropology), or somewhere in the bush. Whether you’re having a blast, going through some tough stuff, or just have some great ideas to share, we’re here for you. Feel free to say hi around campus or to get in touch, I’m always up for a yarn and my door is always open.


Executive Admin

Juliette Hendry

My name is Juliette and this year I’m returning to Massey’s rad Student Association, this time as your Admin Executive. This means that I’ll be Ben’s main boi in sorting out the team, organising the accounts, and making sure the policies from the 1920’s are still relevant today. I’m a pretty friendly old chap, so if you see me around feel free to strike up a yarn!


Executive Education


Hey, I’m Callum. How are ya?

I’m from Manchester, but a Palmy local. I frequent local arts shenanigans and the Stomach, as well as volunteer on Radio Control, and do a bit of open mic poetry. I love writing and reading poetry, and my headphones are usually playing music too loudly.

I’m passionate about the education sector, and one day may be that crazy cardigan wearing English teacher stereotype. However, for 2018 as Education Officer, I’m excited to grow the class rep system, kickstart mentoring, and just put on some wicked events for students. Feel free to come up to me to chat about ideas you may have for events, or even if it’s just to yarn about music.


Executive Equity

Kyle Fitz

Dia duit mac léinn

I’m Kyle Fitz and I’m delighted to be your 2018 Equity Exec! My role with equities means that I have an awesome opportunity to empower those with minority voices and help everybody achieve their potential here at Massey Palmy. Alongside this role I will be studying a BSc majoring in Genetics and microbiology. Outside of working with MUSA and trying my best to study I’m usually running by the river, cuddling with my many cats, picking potatoes or manicuring my beard. So if you see me around campus feel free to stop me and have a good ole chat.


Executive Welfare


Hey folks! I’m Nga, your welfare exec – resident caffiend, procrastinator and dog lover. As an aspiring vet student, I know how difficult uni life can be. I’m here to make students time at Massey as fun and stressfree as possible. If you’re having a hard time or just want to yarn feel free to pop in and see m. I can’t wait for you all to see what MUSA has in store for you in 2018.