The MUSA Executive is elected each year by students to be the voice for the students at Massey Manawatu. They represent you on many university boards, organise Stress Less Study Week, the MUSA Ball and are always keen to hear what you say about being a student here on campus.

The MUSA Executive has their office in upstairs in the Student Services Building (above the MUSA Shop), in Room 2.20 and they are always up for a chat to find out what the issues are. To better work for you!



Nikita Skipper

What’s up sugars?

My names Nikita Skipper but the locals call me Skip.
I’m an avid lover of Doc Martins, water and tattoo’s

I’m in my third year of a politics and business degree in shorter terms I’m a know it all asshole ………….JK like many of you I realize how stuffed the world is, so I want to change what small part I can, and if that means making students days easier at university then I’m pretty darn happy with that, this is my second year being your student president and I have loved every moment of it, I’m absolutely fizzing about what 2017 and MUSA has in store for you.


Executive Admin

Katelynn Roy

Heyo you lovely people! Im Katelynn Roy, an Agriscience Equine student. I am the Executive Admin at Musa! I work closely with Nikita Skipper (The pres) as well as the rest of the exec team to make things happen around Massey! You can often see me rushing to and from labs and lectures so if you want to stop to have a talk, please feel free (I dont bite). The admin position involves working closely with the rest of the exec team and the operations (like the manager etc) team! My position is very involved with the president with really important stuff (Ie stuff that you want to see happening!) Your constantly sending emails around and meeting new people!! You also run the meetings along side the president (Taking minutes and writing action points for the rest of the team). Another key part of this position is sending out information and agendas for meetings to the respective people!


Executive Education

Samuel Seumanu


Executive Equity

Juliette Hendry

Heya guys, gals and non-binary pals, I’m Juliette and I’m chuffed to be your 2017 Equity Exec! Being equities means I have the sweet opportunity to empower those with minority voices and help everyone achieve their greatest potential here at Massey Palmy. On the side I also study a BA in Politics and Sociology so you can guarantee that I’m an SJW 200% of the time. Outside of working for MUSA and studying hard (sometimes), I also attempt to volunteer at events as much as I can on the weekends and on a Wednesday or Thursday night you can find me at a karaoke bar singing my lil heart out! Please feel free to come upstairs and have a chat anytime!


Executive Welfare

Ben Schmidt

Kia Ora! I’m Ben Schmidt, a second year Social Anthropology student here at Massey. As the Welfare Officer I work to support students to live happily and healthily in Palmy, and to improve our standards of living. When I’m not studying or working on ways to improve student life, you can probably find me somewhere outdoors. I’m passionate about students having their say and getting involved, so don’t hesitate to drop by or say hi and tell us about your issues and awesome ideas!