We at MUSA know it’s tough keeping on top of. the important things in life. Especially when they cost more money than Studylink is willing to chip in.
That’s why we at MUSA have worked to get you some sick deals to help make life cheaper. If you flick us $30 we will hook you up with a ‘Premium Membership’ (it’s like Koru Club, but way better).

This $30 will get you:

  • A goodie bag
  • Sweet Deals at our MUSA Shop on Campus
  • $2 prescriptions at Unichem Pharmacy (the one next to Pak ‘n’ Save)
  • $26 dental checkups and x-rays at the Carpenters Dental Bus on campus
  • Entry into the draw to win one of. three Study Grants courtesy of. our friends at Coca Cola (1x $4,125, 1x $3,000, 1x $1,500)
  • Plus you’ll get a sick membership card which we’ve partnered with StudentCard for, so you’ll get plenty of. other deals which you can find here

If $30 is slightly out of. your price range, make sure to hit up your parents. They’re all about making sure you have good teeth and stuff.
Put those puppy dog eyes on and remind them of. that time they forgot to pick you up from school when you were six.

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