MUSA Premium Membership 2017 FAQ / T&C’s

How do I get one?

Buy online here:

Then drop into MUSA to collect your card.

Who is it for?

To be eligible for the discounts offered you must be currently enrolled in at least one internal paper on the Manawatu Campus of Massey University.

The Discounts

$1 off a drink at Halcyon Coffee, 241 Cuba St.

$3 off each prescription item at Unichem Pharmacy, 27 Linton St (next to Pak n Save) and at Kauri HealthCare 619 Featherston St. Not valid at any other Unichem Pharmacy.

$4 off Period Products at the MUSA Shop

Regular specials at the MUSA Shop

What is it?

MUSA Premium Membership (MPM) is a way your student association can help reduce cost in your life. MUSA partners with local business to provide specific discounts, we cover the cost of the discount provided from MUSA’s own income sources like advertising revenue and from the cost of membership.

I want a discount at…

Let us know what kind of thing is going to help you most! We can’t guarantee it, but we can try. You could suggest alcohol, but its not going to happen.

Any limitations?

You must show your MPM to the people at the store. No card, no discount. You may also be required to show ID.

Halcyon Coffee

Limit of 5 discounts per week


Linton St and Kauri HealthCare Locations Only.

Not valid at any other Unichem Pharmacy.


Limit of 4 discounts per week



When you purchase your MPM, you agree to these terms and conditions. MUSA might need to alter these terms and conditions and can do so when it needs.