So you’re stressed and hungry, have used up your overdraft, and can’t face another day of. 2-minute noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner; solution: come and see us.

MUSA provides an information and referral service to a number of. University and community bodies that offer assistance. We can help you resolve many of. your problems – even coming along to support you in meetings with organisations such as StudyLink, Work & Income, Budget Advisers or to a Tenancy mediation / Tribunal hearing.

Financial Assistance

There isn’t as much financial assistance available to students as we would like, but we can help you access what is there. At MUSA, we provide a Student Assistance Programme (SAP) Grant of up to $500.00 for those times when other agencies don’t assist, and when you think there is nowhere else to turn to.

Click here to download a copy of the Student Assistance Programme application form, complete it and then come and see Kerry Howe, MUSA Advocacy Coordinator in the Student Services Building or email her: 

Distance students please contact Katheryn Margaret Pascoe the Distance Student Advocate:  or (06) 356 9009 ext 86180

MUSA Advocacy Coordinator

The MUSA Advocacy Coordinator provides a professional advocacy service to students who might be struggling with issues such as Academic Grievance, hardship, any course related problems and with any general and/or welfare issues