MUSA needs YOU! yes, you!

A MUSA Volunteer provides MUSA with willing support when hands and heads are needed for events, PR initiatives, crowd wrangling, tournament support, and animating fellow students to participate.

As a MUSA Volunteer, you are ultimately under the care of. the MUSA Advocacy Coordinator, but your varied responsibilities and duties may mean that other MUSA staff could ask for your support.

MUSA cares for its volunteers: we will ensure that all steps are undertaken to provide you with a friendly, supportive and safe environment to volunteer your services in.

MUSA will acknowledge your service with a celebration, a letter of. recommendation and a certificate for service.

Responsibilities and duties of. a MUSA Volunteer:

  • Attend introductory sessions to prepare you for the position
  • Select an area you feel comfortable volunteering for
  • BUT: Push yourself to get out of. your comfort zone
  • Attend preparatory sessions for more specific events, such as tournament support, stage support
  • Show initiative! Suggest events, share ideas of. improving things on campus, involve others…
  • Commit to volunteer at particular times
  • Notify the Advocacy Coordinator without delay if you will not be able to help out at a time you committed to

A successful MUSA Volunteer should be:

  • friendly
  • communicativer
  • well organised
  • punctual
  • reliable
  • honest
  • full of. ideas to improve studfent life on campus

Time commitment for MUSA Volunteers:

Depending on the size and frequency of. events, a typical MUSA Volunteer will give up 5-10 hour per semester. If you volunteer for specific areas, such as team assistant for a tournament, you may have to give up a weekend.


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