Who can vote?
You are eligible to vote if you are taking at least one internal paper on the Palmerston north Campus of Massey University.

You will need your student ID number to vote, this will be checked against a database supplied by Massey University.

When can I vote?
Voting begins online here at 9am Monday The 25th of September 2017 and concludes 4pm Wednesday the 27th of September 2017.

Where can I vote?
You can vote online here

You can vote In Real Life on Concourse at the ‘Watch this Space’ space at these times:
Monday 25th 11am – 1pm
Tuesday 26th 11am – 1pm
Wednesday 27th 11am – 2pm

If you are unable to vote online for any reason, i.e. you can’t log in etc, please contact the returning officer for a paper ballot, or use a paper ballot during one of the Voting in Real life sessions on concourse

Who is running?
Candidates have been asked to supply a statement and picture, this can be found here

How does the voting work?
You can vote for one person for the role of President. You do not have to vote for any candidate.

You can vote for up to a maximum of 4 people for Executive. You do not have to vote for any candidate.

You can log in and vote more than once, however only the last cast vote will count towards the final tally, any previous votes will be deleted by the database.

When will I find out who won?
Results are expected to be posted on the MUSA Facebook page by 9am on Thursday September 28th