Get Involved

Engaging with your student community can help add to an amazing university experience. MUSA can support you in being a class representative, volunteer or international buddy on the Manawatū campus.

Manawatū Class Representatives

What are class representatives?

Class representatives are students elected by their fellow classmates to represent their class. With support from MUSA, they actively affect positive change in their courses by being the advocate for their fellow classmates.

If you're studying at another Massey campus, check out the Albany or Wellington programmes.

What is the programme’s purpose?

Class representatives play a central role in maintaining constructive communication between students and lecturers. The programme creates an opportunity for students to have their concerns heard and academic issues resolved as early as possible. Additionally, class representatives provide a channel for discussion and valuable feedback for lecturers, with an aim to enhance the learning experience for both parties.

What does the role involve?

Your role as a class representative is to, ultimately, improve the learning experience for your peers. To achieve that, you will need to:

  • Attend MUSA’s training session
  • Be available and approachable to classmates
  • Cultivate respectful relationships with students and staff
  • Seek student views about their learning experience
  • Actively identifying areas for progress

What are the benefits of being a class representative?

  • Take an active part in determining the direction of your class' learning.
  • Improve your employability by further developing your critical thinking, communication and leadership skills.
  • Add a reference to your C.V.
  • Connect with other students and the academic community
  • Attend an awesome free MUSA recognition party at the end of the year

How do I become a class representative?

During initial lectures at the start of a new semester, look out for an informational slide giving a brief description of the programme. Following this, your lecturer will lead a quick informal election. If you've missed this process, speak to your lecturer about having a class representative in your course during the beginning of the semester.


If you're interested in the role, please contact our Student Engagement Coordinator at any time throughout the semester (even if you've missed the initial election).

If you are a Massey staff member looking at how to foster and encourage student representation in your class, please visit Working with Class Reps