Clubs Grant

Clubs grants help affiliated clubs make good things happen. Whether you are planning to participate in a major tournament, or want to bond with your fellow club members on a cultural outing, whether you want to organise a party or a conference, MUSA grants can help you get the money you need.

The grant application process consists of a few steps

Complete the online application form

  • Fill out the needed information.
  • Upload a covering letter that explains why you need the money you apply for and how receiving the grant benefits your group/ Massey Manawatū students in general.
  • Upload two quotes for your grant items or event.

The Clubs and Events Coordinator might get back to you after the application deadline if there are issues with your application. Please check your club email frequently after deadlines, so that questions can be answered quickly and your request can be submitted to the Grant Committee. The Clubs and Events Coordinator, room 2.25 of the Student Centre is available for support at any point during the application process.

The Grant Committee will meet to decide on the merits of your grant. You will be informed of your success about 14 days after the grant application deadline.

Once you have approval, purchase your items or continue with your event. Scan the receipts and send them to the Clubs and Events Coordinator, together with a brief report and photos. Then the MUSA accountant will transfer the money into your club’s account.

Start an online application for grants here:

Grant Application Form

Grant deadlines for 2019

  • 29 March, 4pm
  • 15 May, 4pm
  • 25 July, 4pm
  • 18 September, 4pm
  • Workshops to help you prepare for successful grant applications run 25 March and 29 May, both 6-7 pm in the MUSA Lounge.