Distance Advocacy

MUSA Distance Advocate, Izzy Mickleson, reaches extramural students all over the country and overseas via phone, email, Facebook, Skype; however possible!

Izzy Mickleson, Distance Advocate

If you are facing a challenge, big or small, during your tertiary journey, this is who you should reach out to. The service is free, professional and independent from Massey University. Whether it be academic grievances, financial hardship or just someone to chat to - Izzy is able to support you in a range of ways, such as attending meetings or utilising phone conferences; the aim is to reduce the barriers studying by distance can cause.

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Distance Volunteer Network

Distance advocacy services also have a great bunch of student volunteers located all around New Zealand! They host events to help you meet other distance students in your region. You’ll receive an email if there is going to be an event in your region and we really encourage you to head along and enjoy a cuppa and some cake on us!

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The Link

Every semester, you’ll receive an email newsletter from Izzy, your Distance Advocate, named The Link. This newsletter is full of important information, upcoming events, giveaways and other bits and bobs. If you ever miss an edition you can browse our newsletter archives in documents.