Working with Class Reps

The relationship between students and staff at the University is very important. MUSA wants to encourage and facilitate the development of these relationships as much as possible.

Having a student to represent your class will allow for you to receive feedback more often as well as give you another channel to address students. Furthermore, it will allow for you to deal with an issue before it becomes a generalised problem within the class.

We’ve had many successful cases where courses were improved and students felt a bigger sense of achievement where class representatives were present.

How to support your class representative

Facilitate class representatives contact with the students they represent. It is of great help if you could spare a few minutes to the new class representative to introduce themselves to the class. This will allow for students to know who to look for in case they need help.

In addition, if a representative is seeking feedback from the class, one of the easiest ways to do it would be after the class is finished.

Engage the class representative

Taking a step to get to know your class representative and build a professional relationship with them will prove to be very beneficial for both you and the representative. Your approachability will also make the class representative feel more comfortable in discussing future matters with you.


Celebrate with your class representative at the end of the semester by sharing successes, working together to brainstorm improvements for future courses and so on.

If you are uncertain or have any questions about this programme, please feel free to contact the MUSA Student Engagement Coordinator at any time.